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Puy du Fou impels the MICE sector with new spaces for the celebration of historical events

  • The park promotes the Puy du Fou Events area through inspiring talks given by key figures in Spanish history.
  • Another novelty is the Pavilion of Lepanto, which accommodates more than 500 guests.
  • The various historical halls, themed auditoriums, period villages, and local cuisine are the distinctive features when organizing an event in this new park concept.


Puy du Fou Spain, the perfect combination of leisure and culture; emotion and sentiment; history and legend, continues to meet the current expectations of the tourism sector, as well as the world of meetings, conferences, incentives, fairs, and events, which increasingly demand more immersive and innovative experiences.

During the past year, corporate events in Puy du Fou España experienced a boom, as over 250 companies trusted the park as the venue for organizing their historical celebrations, thus becoming a consolidated space within the MICE industry. Among these organizations are some of great relevance in the business ecosystem (both national and international), such as Vodafone, L’Oreall, La Caixa, BBVA, Asisa, Sanitas, BNP Paribans, Nutriben, Thermomix, HP, Siemens, Grant Thornton, Francisco de Vitoria University, Citroën, and Michelin, among others.

“At Puy du Fou España, we offer exclusive shows and spaces, period villages, and authentic gastronomy. Emotion and history are our essence, and we want both individuals and companies to experience an exciting journey through the centuries in the midst of nature,” commented Erwan de la Villéon, CEO of Puy du Fou España.

THE LEPANTO PAVILION, the major innovation that will host splendid historical events, an ephemeral monument to the greatest occasion the centuries witnessed.

‘In memoriam Lepanto.’ 1572. Only a few months have passed since the glorious victory in the Battle of Lepanto, and here, in this fabric cathedral, King Philip II has just received with honors his half-brother Don Juan of Austria and the protagonists of such a feat.

The Lepanto Pavilion is presented as the major novelty for organizing historical celebrations in the park, with a climate-controlled enclosed space and the latest technologies covering up to 600m2, capable of hosting 500 attendees.

INSPIRATIONAL TALKS: a unique experience within the MICE industry.

Puy du Fou Events is the response to the current expectations of the MICE sector, which increasingly demands more innovative experiences. Within this concept, it has introduced INSPIRATIONAL TALKS as a new exclusive service for companies.

And who better than Christopher Columbus to speak about entrepreneurship and how he secured funding and convinced a team to undertake an impossible journey? Or Queen Isabella herself to answer the question: how to break the glass ceiling? When it comes to self-confidence, we cannot overlook Lope de Vega, who speaks of self-confidence without complexes. Only in MICE Puy du Fou España is it possible to listen to these historical heroes who, with their past exploits, help us understand the present; exclusive and live Master Talks.

Puy du Fou Spain, a place for historical events.

Puy du Fou Events plans to boost the growth of this activity segment during the 2023 season. The park has become a key space in the MICE industry, offering more than 20 themed spaces for meetings, events, and gatherings equipped with the latest technologies, allowing one to relive memories from King Charlemagne to the wisdom legacy of Alfonso X.

The park’s auditoriums such as El Corral de las Comedias, El Castillo de Vivar (indoors), and the stands of Cetrería de Reyes, El Misterio de Sorbaces, and El Sueño de Toledo (outdoors) stand out for their capacity (accommodating up to 6,000 attendees), facilities, and scenic resources, placing them among the most advanced in technical matters. In all these spaces, catering plays a prominent role due to a diverse and local product offering.

Puy du Fou España has managed to create a unique and exceptional model that is committed to each of its creations to convey unparalleled illusions and emotions to all its spectators, thus responding to the expectations of the tourism industry, incorporating new experiences that add value to tourism: projects focused on the younger generation and spaces set up for historical celebrations are just a few examples.

As a result of this careful work by the teams that make up Puy du Fou España, to date, the international community of parks and entertainment has awarded Puy du Fou España on more than 23 occasions, making it the most awarded park in history in its early years of opening.”

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