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Alliance For MICE, the alliance between four major entities, is born.

A4M is the new federation, resulting from the alliance of leading associations in the MICE sector (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Corporate Events) in Spain: EMA – Event Managers Association, I´M+ – Incentive Agencies Association, MPI Iberian Chapter, and SpainDMCs.

  • Its main objective is the exchange of knowledge, the creation of synergies, and the promotion of the economic importance of the sector in job creation and wealth generation. 
  • The federation will contribute to boosting the Spanish economy through proposals and business models in the MICE sector based on sustainability, digitalization, and social inclusion criteria. 
  • The new federation will collaborate with public administrations and national entities to promote and position the MICE sector and drive its economic recovery.


The new A4M federation, bringing together four major associations in the sector, represents a meeting point in promoting MICE events (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions/Events) as marketing, motivation, and communication tools.

The federation has clear objectives: exchanging knowledge, creating synergies, and promoting the economic importance of the sector in terms of job creation and wealth generation. Its mission is to make Spain a more prosperous and competitive country by seeking new business models in MICE, promoting professionalization, and adapting sector capabilities through the knowledge and experience of all its stakeholders.

To achieve this, A4M will work with public administrations and other national and international entities, offering specific proposals to promote the sector, aiming to bring together the main players in the business travel world.

The four associations: EMA, I´M+, MPI – Iberian Chapter, and SpainDMCs are committed to implementing initiatives that drive economic development under the criteria of sustainability, digitalization, and inclusion, being aware of the paradigm shift in society.

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